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But since he had to suppress his feelings for them, and so many years had passed, he was taking all his toughness out of other men. All the men were like their father. As a typical patriarchal family, they had their daughter serviced for their son. The boy was worth more. Although both were taught, the boy received more attention.

Her father had only noticed the school success or the tough and strong traits to say “Well done” to his daughter.

Flirting is just another form of self-absorption with new people. It is the cause of the suffering of many heartbroken people today. A person who thinks the other person is his future lover, looks at him who is just one of many for that person.

When it failed, it was immediately criticized. The girl was already accustomed to taking care of herself and being strong while her mother peeled and handed her son’s fruit and her father raised her son with the praises of “Pasha son,” She wasn’t allowed to be a girl, or at least not encouraged at all. On the other hand, she had to respect her father and brother unconditionally.

And that’s why she developed an inexpressive anger. Because he had to keep it secret, he subconsciously created negative patterns: – All men are weak. Women pull over them. They just use it for sexuality. These patterns stood before him every time he wanted to flirt. Remember, your smile shouldn’t stay on your face for long, then you might be annoying. Correct timing is very important, when your eyes meet, you can send a short but sincere smile.

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